Investor 2 Category

Applicants with a successful background in management or business ownership and who speak a low level of English can gain a resident visa if they invest at least $3,000,000 in New Zealand.  

The Investor 2 category is a point’s based system.  Points are awarded for business experience, age, English fluency and amount of funds invested.

Requirements for the principal applicant

  • Must be under 66 years
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of senior management experience
  • Must nominate at least $3 million of funds to be invested in New Zealand for at least 4 years
  • Provide evidence the nominated $3 million was acquired lawfully
  • Transfer the nominated funds to New Zealand by the banking system
  • Must have English fluency to at least IELTS 3.0
  • Must be in good health
  • Must be a person of good character including never having been involved in business fraud or offences arising from business dealings

The nominated funds must be owned:

  • Solely by the principal applicant; or
  • By the principal applicant jointly with any of the secondary applicants (partner and/or children)

Nominated funds owned solely by the partner or children are not acceptable

If any of the funds/assets were gifted to the applicant, those funds and/or assets:

  • Must have been gifted unconditionally – proof required
  • Must have been gifted in accordance with local law – proof required
  • Must have been earned lawfully by the person gifting the funds and/or assets  – proof required

An acceptable investment means an investment that:

  • Is capable of a commercial return; and
  • Is not for the personal use of the applicant
  • Is invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency

The applicant must spend a minimum of 146 days physically in New Zealand for each of the last 3 years of the required 4-year investment period.