TDA Immigration offers a comprehensive service to assist with your visa application or appeal or other matter. This includes, but not necessarily limited to:

  • verifying your circumstances to ensure they meet immigration criteria
  • providing you advice on what documentation is required to support your application and what is recommended to improve the chances your application is approved
  • we prepare your application for you once we receive the information and documents we have requested from you
  • we advise you of any potential issues that could arise with your application and how you can prepare for and resolve these issues
  • we liaise directly with Immigration New Zealand or the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and act as a representative for your application, appeal or other matter
  • we respond to any correspondence received on your behalf

TDA Immigration understands that every situation is unique. Immigration New Zealand has the power to exercise substantial discretion over visa applications and many applications are decided on a case-by-case basis. This means that simply because you provide the minimum amount of documentation required for an application, it doesn’t necessarily mean your application will be approved.

To receive competent and worthwhile immigration advice you need an adviser that understands the nuances of immigration policy and can effectively prepare your application to avoid Immigration New Zealand raising concerns . If concerns on your application are unavoidable, you also need a competent adviser who can effectively advocate for your situation and defend your application against doubts raised. TDA Immigration has two decades of experience helping thousands of clients successfully realise their dreams in New Zealand. We can help you too.

Immigration matters that TDA Immigration can assist with include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Temporary Entry Visa Applications

  • Student Visa applications
  • Work Visa applications (e.g. Post-Study work visas, Essential Skills work visas, Work to Residence work visas, Performing-Artist work visas and more)
  • Family Work Visa applications (e.g. Partners of New Zealanders, partners of work visa holders and partners of student visa holders)
  • Visitor Visa applications (tourist visas, guardians for students, parents and grandparents visas, culturally-arranged marriage visas etc.)
  • Section 61 requests for people unlawfully in New Zealand

Resident Visa Applications

  • Skilled Migrant Category applications
  • Residence from Work visa applications (Accredited Employers, Talent Visas, Long-Term Skill Shortage List )
  • Family-based Resident Visas (Partners of New Zealanders, Dependent Children, Parent Retirement)

Business Visas

  • Entrepreneur work visas
  • Entrepreneur residence visas
  • Migrant investment resident visas
  • Employees or relocating business
  • Residence Class Visa Appeals (Immigration and Protection Tribunal)

Refugee Visa Applications

  • Refugee and Protection Status claims
  • Special visitor visas for refugee and protection status claimants
  • Special work visas for refugee and protection status claimants
  • Resident visas for refugees and protected persons
  • Refugee and Protection Status appeals (Immigration and Protection Tribunal)
  • Refugee Family Support Residence Visas

Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

  • Residence Class Visa Appeals
  • Refugee and Protection Status Appeals
  • Deportation Appeal by a Resident/Permanent Resident
  • Deportation Appeal (Cancelled Refugee and/or Protection Status)
  • Humanitarian Appeal against deportation

Exploited persons and victims of domestic violence

  • Temporary visas for victims of employer exploitation
  • Special work visas for victims of domestic violence
  • Special resident visas for victims of domestic violence

Other services

  • Official information and Privacy Act requests
  • Complaints against Immigration New Zealand
  • Complaints to the Ombudsman or the Privacy Commissioner
  • Character waivers for people with criminal convictions and other character issues
  • Requests to the Minister of Immigration for a special direction
  • Requests for suspension/cancellation of deportation liability