Minister of Immigration to answer your questions

The Minister of Immigration, Hon. Iain Lees-Galloway, is holding a public ZOOM meeting this Thursday night at 7 P.M (23 April). The Minister is expected to discuss the latest policies and answer questions online.

Grab this rare opportunity to put your questions to the Minister. To join the meeting follow the link below:

If you do not already have ZOOM installed, follow the link and it will guide you through the setup process.

If your question isn’t answered by the Minister, post it to the TDA Immigration forums afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Minister of Immigration to answer your questions

  1. What can the kiwi partner do if they can’t get a police certificate from a country they have traveled to. An INZ officer has rejected a residency application with the explanation that INZ doesn’t accept statutory declarations. This would mean though that the foreign spouse would never be able to stay in NZ because this kind of situation can’t change. Thanks for any information on this.

    1. Thank you for your query.

      We can assure you that under current immigration policy, if a police certificate cannot be provided a statutory declaration may be provided in lieu of the police certificate. Difficulty obtaining police certificates, however, does not include difficulty paying for them or delays in obtaining them.

      We recommend that you contact TDA either by phone (09 337 0380) or by using our contact form:

      We can then review your documents and advise if we may be able to assist you. If the residence application was recently declined you should contact us as soon as possible as you can only appeal a declined resident visa application within a short time-frame (42 days).

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