3 things you should do to improve your partnership visa application

For your relationship visa to be approved you will need to convince Immigration New Zealand that your relationship with your partner is “genuine and stable”.  But how do you accomplish this?  Every relationship is unique and the evidence you provide will depend on your specific situation.  However, the following 3 tips will help any applicant, whatever their situation:

1. Write a timeline of your partnership

If you want Immigration New Zealand to approve your partnership visa, you must ensure they understand the evidence you are giving them.  Don’t give an officer a large pile of documents without any context and expect them to piece together your life as if it were an archaeological dig.  To ensure they understand the relevance of the documents you are providing you must provide them with a clear timeline of your relationship that clearly details all the significant milestones and time periods in your relationship.  Every relationship timeline should include at least the following details with approximate dates:

  • How you met
  • The start of your relationship
  • When you first started living together with start and end dates for each place you have lived together
  • When you got married (if applicable)
  • Any time periods where you have been separated, the reasons for the separation, and how you remained in contact
  • Significant events in your relationship such as informing your friends and family of your relationship, shared holidays, shared social occasions etc.

Your timeline should be in chronological order and each event should be supported by some evidence.  This allows the officer to understand the relevance of every document you are providing them.

2. Label your photographs with dates and a description

Lots of photographs are a great way to show the genuineness of your relationship.  But after a while, a large collection of unsorted photos looks like a stream of smiling faces from people the officer may not know, in places the officer may not recognise.  To maximise the impact of your photos label them with dates and a description so the officer knows what they are looking at.  Incorporating your photos into your relationship timeline is a great way to do this.

3. Provide more evidence!

There is no specific set of documents that are required in every application and no specific set of documents that will guarantee approval.  Each application is assessed on a case by basis.  So it is up to you to provide as much evidence as possible to remove any doubt Immigration New Zealand may have.  If you have lived together for 12 months don’t just provide the last 3 months bank statements and a letter from your landlord.  Provide a complete history of your bank accounts, along with evidence of how utilities (power, internet, water etc.) are paid for, a copy of your tenancy agreement and any other official correspondence mailed to your shared living address.  If you can provide more evidence, then do so!

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